Our pharmaceutical arm was established to fulfil a need in the marketplace for effective service. One that provides in-depth, health products, assist stakeholders in the procurement and distribution of manufactured own branded generic health product. The company was founded by two pharmaceutical commercial executives from industry in response to issues experienced by them and their colleagues. Since then, Korlyns has been successful at offering quality products, creating extra profit opportunities for stakeholder throughout the end markets where we operate.

Korlyns is now the leading name in the supply of discounted pharmaceutical products. Our product range includes major branded and generic pharmaceuticals products. These are manufactured under the World Health Organisation (WHO) certified manufacturing facilities under the highest standard of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Our quality products are complemented by our superior packaging.

Our generic pharmaceuticals products are held to the same rigid standards as major innovator labels, as dictated by regulatory agencies throughout the world.  Although generic pharmaceuticals are chemically identical to their branded counterparts, they traditionally cost consumers less than the brand product.

In future we aspire to venture into veterinary products currently being considered in some regions where we operate.

Because of the unique nature of our business, we interface with various sectors spanning several continents, as well as provide skill training needed for effective end markets. We offer services on key knowhow on regulatory advice in relations to registration to products. As well as manage pipeline development and offer effective market business propositions.

The company also oversees registration and regulatory affairs. We have acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge on regulatory affairs in the West African Sub-region. Korlyns Pharmaceuticals is fully registered and licensed to carry out the following activities among other things:

  • Operate as a Licensed Pharmaceutical Company.
  • Import any approved Pharmaceutical product globally.
  • Register Products in Nigeria on behalf of Overseas Manufacturers in line with regulations of NAFDAC (National Agency for Food Drugs Administration and Control) in Nigeria, and other countries in Africa.
  • Act as Manufacturers representative / Sole Agency for Pharmaceutical Products Imported for sale in Nigeria and other countries in Africa
  • Enter contract manufacturing agreements to satisfy our end markets demand.

Some of our end markets have been experiencing a phenomenal pace of growth owing to increasing consumer incomes and rapidly changing consumer tastes and preferences.

As a result, we have the advantage of sourcing large scale quality products, together with value propositioned production techniques offerings we have been able to diversify meeting the ever changing demands. We are poised to deliver on modern consumer centric strategies, covering branding to maintaining market leadership of premium to value for money products.