Our Approach

Due to the uniqueness of ethical drugs, we adopt a professional approach to promote the products. We work on changing prescription habits of the doctors, based on product detailing by our medical representatives to the doctors. The reps. are trained in professional selling skills and product knowledge. Our reps are supported on the field with regular audio-visual/clinical presentations to the doctors, merchandising materials, detail aids, free medical samples to the doctors or other professional healthcare workers, antibiotic sensitivity discs, literature reviews, posters or /and stickers, and of course journal adverts. Our clients have ranged from Professional Health care workers (Doctors, Surgeons, physicians, Pharmacist etc.) to State and Federal Government Parastatals, Non government organizations and the general public in the case of non-ethical pharmaceuticals.

The country is divided into 5 marketing zones. At least a medical representative is placed in each zone. A number of distributors are also appointed in each zone.

Korlyns maintains a high expense account for marketing activities.

Exhibition and presentations at professional conferences

In professional journals, billboards for OTC’s

Our Medical representatives carry sample stock, which they give to the Medical or Health care professional during their routine product detailing. Donations- Where and when Necessary.